Different types of cameras

There are many people round the world who love clicking photographs but not many are aware of the different types of cameras available in the market. Photography is becoming the trend these days where selfies are more famous. However, if you are a lover of photography, you can get to know about the different types of cameras by reading further.

Digital cameras

These cameras are in trend now and have taken over the traditional cameras. With these cameras, you are no longer required to get the films loaded and washed for getting the pictures. The digital cameras use an electric image senor that captures the photos. The images clicked are saved in the memory card as data. These cameras are handy and allow you to click as many images you want. All you need to do is to carry a few memory cards in case they get filled. These cameras are high definition cameras that capture clear and sharp images. The digital cameras are also of two types. These include the DSLR and point and shoot. The DSLR ones are used to capture high end pictures.

Analog cameras

These are the traditional cameras in which one used the films. The results of the clicks were much classier but the photographer had to take the films to get developed in the studio.


These work similar to that of the digital cameras. However, they are mainly used for capturing videos. The previous camcorders used the videotapes but today digital camcorders are widely used. The digital camcorders are light in weight and can easily be carried. Hence, they serve as the best option for outdoors and trips. These are the best for vacations also. You store all the captured moments in memory cards which can later be edited into a video. They are also available in high end resolutions and the photos and videos generated are of high quality.


These are also widely used by the individuals as they can send the photos in real time. They are also used in video communication and allow you to see and talk to your loved ones residing far away from you. They are also efficient in taking videos and photographs.

Single Lens Reflex

In this camera, the viewfinder views the image that is seen by main lens. Hence, you get the best images that you wish to capture. You can also change lenses to capture the best images according to the situation and purpose. It is more used by the professionals.

Twin reflex

In this type of camera, there are two lenses. One of these lenses is used for photograph and the other one for viewfinder. It is also used by the professionals in some cases.

Today, you can find the cameras present in different devices like the phone, iPods, laptops etc. These are used by common people to click pictures on daily basis. The quality of the pictures is greatly dependent upon the resolution and pixels of the camera. You can get to know more about the cameras by going online. You can also shortlist them based on your specific requirements.

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