Tech: Instruments of Social Change

We live in a time where more than ever we have the means to hear and be heard by more people than ever before across different walks of life and with different needs and wants. This is what the internet has done for us, it was made it so any cause of voice, for better or worse, no matter how insane has the ability to be heard by anyone in the world. It only takes the reality of something to be trending and soon everyone at the very least becomes familiar with it in the most broad sense and the accompanying hashtag.  There is a rise of hacking across the world. 

This is good for rising a general consciousness of causes or struggles we would not have been exposed to otherwise and offers us a glimpse into something that is foreign and possibly.

The way this can be adversely productive is in the way that we are becoming much more broad in our information and understanding of the world, but at the same time much more shallow. We have the means to hear whatever, and do not give it the due diligence of  giving it the research things need to give it an informed opinion. Instead we are a culture of headlines, and we read something and move onto the next thing. Thy cycle continues, and we do not know what we affects us and to what extent, but what we are sure of is that.

Although we live in the age of the troll and there is some good that can come from undermining things that are seen as extremely serious because you take life away from them through satire and humor, many of the times these efforts fall flat, and even lose site of what they sought out to do in the first place if anything.

What sparked this sentiment most recently is the group anonymous and their “attack” on the group ISIS in light of the recent terror attacks in Orlando at a gay night club that resulted in the deaths of 49 people. What they did was take over the groups Facebook page, and cover it with a string of gay flags and gay pride imagery back set to Islamic state imagery in an attempt to embarrasses them given their extremely strong homophobic sentiments. 

This was pretty funny but what did it really do? For one we know that it resulted in a slew of hundred eds of news articles praising them and people go about their days thinking that a serious blow has been dealt to global terror. The truth of the matter is that they changed it almost instantly and nothing happened, except ISIS has some new people they want to kill. The internet is a tool like an axe, it can be used for good or bad it doesn’t matter, it has not direction we wield it as we see fit. As it stands now, we can and must do better with this tool because as it stands now it is doing more harm than good in enacting social and political, substantive change.


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